Un gioiello è un prolungamento della personalità di chi lo indossa


Italian chic has never been so smooth and elegant. Various options for all occasions will emphasize the beauty of the owner


There is no other Italian brand, which can offer such a reasonable price for high-quality product. You do not need to choose your local jewelry products, because now you can afford Italian style

Family traditions

The modern technology of jewelry creation, with traditional Italian design, will surprise every client, who gets an individual fashionable decoration. Each stone insertion is amazingly shining and securely fixed in its place


Professional designers have gathered the best jewelry items to show. So every time you take a look at the beautiful diamond ring or earrings, you will feel yourself in a lovely italian city with its history and life

Jewelry is the extension of the person, who wears it.

Italians cannot lie, when it comes to precious stones and metals. The history of Lurie traditional jewelry, originally from a nice small Italian municipality of Loria in Treviso province, dates back to early 60s. Being one of the most experienced fashion followers, they opened own business in Piemonte and created masterpieces with inspiration and passion, as unique objects of beauty. A combination of vintage and modern trends, owing to different generations, working on designs and style, helps to please every single sophisticated taste. Best sellers by Italian family of artisans are known all over the world. Cooperation with different brands has brought foreign investments to Italy. Lurie jewelry has an important asset of producing precious gemstone jewels with affordable prices, thanks to a recent transfer of some production capacities to Hong Kong. Such step allowed the famous Lurie family to keep the highest quality and special designs, together with amazing prices, offered to their clients. Variety of forms and colors, combined with a family secret of diamond insertion mode, attracts a number of gemstone lovers. That is why, we are sure that our products, carefully produced for any special occasion, will help to express the deepest feeling.

Ogni gioiello è una scultura in miniatura

Each jewel is a sculpture in miniature

Variety of colors and forms

This is the strict rule of every jewel, offered by Lurie Jewelry. Diamond shine, emerald magic or ruby passion plays an important role in the mood and meaning of each pair of earrings, ring or pendant. Lurie jewelry has already chosen the most stunning objects for everyday outfit and evening look. Purity of metals and the carat value of stones will change your life. When it comes to jewelry, Italian touch of magic can transform raw materials into unbelievable pieces of art.

Variety of colors and forms can offer the best options for all occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, or other memorable events can become a real important reason to choose one of the most beautiful designs. Fashion is so different in various cultures and age, but love and affection, to precious metals and stones, are endless. Thousands of brands and corporations are spending great funds to understand the secret of success. But Italian artisans have already discovered it, creating fascinating jewels.

Every lady, wearing creative and exquisite jewel by Lurie Jewelry, can easily transform her image. It does not matter if your dress was produced by luxury brand or famous designer, but the Lurie Jewelry will never disappoint it's owner.

Decorations of high quality and stunning style are already available for all our clients. Because we know, that woman’s style and mood depend on the jewelry she wears. Thanks to Lurie Jewelry, women will be always wearing happiness and confidence.